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1 , LC-MS mass spectrometer

Strong launch $ 14-20 LC (LCMS) Analysis Services
I purchased a new phase - Mass once a meter (Agilent LC-MS 1260/6120), belongs to a new generation of products, the detection sensitivity than the traditional 1200 model increased by 10 times .
To take full advantage of the precious limited resources , so that more enterprises to rapidly improve their analysis and detection capabilities , and improving the efficiency and competitiveness, we decided to join the large equipment sharing platform to provide customers with high quality service.
We will provide the very intensity of the opening promotions ( standard price charged to about 80% ) : Standard Service $ 20 / needles - within 24 hours of receipt of the test report ; expedited service $ 25 / needles - to close within 1-2 hours to the test report ; preferential services ¥ 14 / needle 2-7 days to receive test report. Specific details, please refer to the attachment ( service description ; send samples alone ) .


2 , HPLC 

We could offer the HPLC of Pharmaceutical internediates.

3, the UV analysis services

Test Period: received 2 working days after injection .
Required sample volume : 10mg ~ 100mg
Instrument Location: Nanjing
Instrument case : Hitachi U-2910 UV-visible spectrophotometer
Fees : $ 40 / sample
Test Application: resin loading value , free amino acids absorbance

4, amino acid analysis services

Test cycle : After receipt of samples 3-5 working days
Required sample volume :10-50 mg
Instrument Location: Nanjing
Instrument case : Hitachi L-8900 automatic amino acid analyzer using post-column derivatization separation principle established by amino acid , derivatives and detection for amino acid composition analysis .
Fee: 100$ / sample

5, IR

Infrared spectroscopy is the identification of compounds and to determine the molecular structure of substances commonly used in one of the means for organic chemistry, polymer chemistry , inorganic chemistry , chemical engineering , catalysis, petroleum, materials, biology , medicine, the environment and other areas of the sample . Test wave number range :400-4000cm-1 can be measured sample forms: block, powder, liquid , and irregular Material Testing method: transmission method , ATR method, infrared microscopy method.
Service Features: Thermo Fourier transform infrared spectrometer , Nicolet iS5 performance, high sensitivity and signal to noise ratio , wide range of applications . Compliance CE, ETL, RoHS system performance verification of compliance ASTM E1421 standard automatic system performance verification , to meet ISO / GLP requirements.
Fee details:
Infrared spectrometer conventional test fee: 150 yuan / sample , special requirements negotiable ;

We recommend that users use the service to fully explore the value and potential of greatly enhance the operational efficiency and competitive advantage .

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